We Are Vicara

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help you achieve your communication goals in the most optimised way possible. We believe that a brand faces complex challenges in its journey and we are here to offer simple yet realistic solutions which can help you drive your communication through.

Our Vision

Vicara wants to stand the test of time and intends to break the traditional realm of PR in India. Today the world is changing at a rapid pace and everyone needs to keep up. With this simple ideology we want to craft solutions which are not only suited to India’s traditional approach but are also relevant to today’s modern times.

Every brand has a great story to tell
and it’s our job to tell it

Public Relations

A sound PR strategy is the backbone of your communication mandate and needs to tap your audience through multiple channels. We have experts who can help execute a complicated mandate by applying simple yet creative solutions. Optimising new age media is our thing.

Event Management

Be it a press conference, blogger meet or for that matter any kind of event that you would want. We have partners who have been in the industry for over 20 years and are capable of pulling off virtually anything.


While news media continue to judge content on news value, content must now be developed to suit a variety of platforms. This is where we come in. We create content to suit placement across all environments – PR, social media, digital and experiential.

Influencer Engagement

A sustained involvement with influencers is important for the brand to achieve more mindshare of its potential customers through strong influencer relationships. These influencers could be personalities, journalists, bloggers, etc. We can identify the ideal set of influencers and set a roadmap of reaching out to them for your brand.

Social Media Engagement

There is no escaping this universe anymore. Your social media platforms have become more crucial than your own website. We can not only help you populate your social media with creative content led solutions but can also help you build your online communities.

Story Telling

This is where we start with our clients. We love listening to you and completely involved in what you want to communicate. We then pick out the best bits of brands and build compelling strategies around them.